Steps for developing a digital marketing strategy

I have been obstructed by some people telling me that they just need to own digital assets and nothing else. This is not quite close to the truth.

Digital assets can become very handy and help you to achieve your goals. However, they will help you only if you constantly work with them, not just “posses”.

In order to maximise the outcome out of the social and media links, you need to be clear what goals you are chasing: brand image, brand awareness, engaging with existing audience, expanding your clientele, launching new product, announcing some company redevelopment.

Whatever your goal is, there is always a strategic marketing plan in place. Let’s face it: when you started your business, you (if you did it right and planned to grow your business) came up with a comprehensive business model and business plan. Your business plan included a range of strategies.

Same with marketing side of your business. Marketing is like a sub-chapter of your business that also require structure and will only bring you results if you design, develop, test and then implement your marketing strategy.

Start with Design:

Designing a marketing strategy is one of my favourite parts of my job. I feel like an inspired by a beauty of someone’s business and start drawing a sketch. Sketch eventually becomes a skeleton for the overall strategy.

Develop the sketch:

This is where you ‘put skin on your skeleton’. The overall plan will include comprehensive, well-written strategies, campaigns and resources required for the implementation (investment, time and synergy with the rest of business operation).

Test it:

By testing I mean exploring the market. Firstly, I prefer to work with approach of applied market research: without knowing where your audience is based, who they are, what they like and how they are better to be approached by your organisation, your well-written strategic marketing plan might be a waste of time. Secondly, it is also exploring the market where the business is or trying to enter - what market’s past, present and future.

Depending on the business operation, there are some other tools and actions required for testing. This may include database search, asking your audience directly what they want, survey them.

Finally, Implementation:

It is like a marketing journey of your business: it is interesting, engaging and challenging at the same time. Some things will work and bring your closer to your goals, some things won’t work but will help you to discover something interesting for your business - it is an important data to re-implement the strategy and potentially choose a new approach. It is like a full-on mechanism/organ for your business body.

I like to say that money is the blood of your business. Then consider marketing as your business’s heart as it makes your business blood circulate in the whole body.

Once this mechanism has started, you don’t want to stop it. We all know it is easier to maintain than fix afterwards.

You owe digital assets such as a website and social media platforms. Then use them in a strategic marketing plan. They are for your daily use. They need fresh engaging content - high edited photos, engaging videos, insightful blogs, interesting podcasts, live streaming events and interviews, even post recorded events and product launches. Sometimes, you can create a bunch of content and use it for the whole months - this is where you get help from people like me who are passionate about good quality content - content always matters.

Content needs to make sense though. Say, if you are a fashion designer, you content has to capture your designer’s creations in a way of photoshoot photos, edited videos content. Another example, if you are hand-on property manager, you want not only photos of house you sell on your social media and website, you also want to talk about them - record a Q&A podcast with potential buyer, take them on a video tour - maybe do not edit it too much like a fashion designer would do - you want to capture ‘real life time’ but well-presented.

Next time round I would like to tell you more what you can do with the powerful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


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