Plan or Action

Planning is good to a certain degree. When an action is present in your plan and executed, it is much better - when you start, you are committed to go further. But when you just plan, it might always remain a plan.

Even if that action is wrong, it will bring some new ideas and experiences in your life.

At the end of the day you actions will drive the progress. The bigger scale of your actions the bigger influence you may have on people around you.

But you start with yourself.

Stop for a moment - take a day off (or more if needed) and realise what you actually want in life. I think this pandemic was certainly good in one way: people got more time to think about their aspirations, plans and ideas. People got more time to catch up on something that they didn’t have time.

I have recently spoken to one small business owner who, even though being effected by the lockdown and the pandemic restrictions, found some time to redesign his product and come up with new marketing campaigns. Now his business is actually going better and set for long term goals.

I have recently spoken to a university student who was always dreaming about starting his own communication channels via YouTube and Podcast. We caught up for a coffee - it was such a pleasant conversation throwing some questions to him to help him to generate more ideas out of his own mind. This time of the year studying from home, he got some time to project his idea onto real business model. I am sure people will hear about his brilliant model in a few years if not sooner.

I have recently spoken to a woman that didn’t have enough time to spend with her kids. Even though she finds it challenging to combine her work from home commitment and parenting (she was laughing telling me about her experience handing both), she feels extremely happy that she is no longer “missing out on seeing her kids growing on her eyes”.

If you want to create new features of your business, innovate and redesign your product and services, there is nothing but you can stop yourself. Just do it.

If you want to turn your dream into your project, stop procrastinating and start doing things. You got time.

Reuniting with your family and loved ones is your own choice. Not a matter of time commitment, it is a matter of actions.

Actions drive the progress. Thoughts will stay thoughts and will never lead you anywhere without actions.

Back to the headline - planning. I have mixed feelings about planning. Being a qualified event planner, I know that things NEVER go as they are planned. You have to have a certain level of flexibility, in particular with yourself. I have seen a few people dropping their awesome ideas because things didn’t go as planned. Do not try to be perfect - perfectionists fail twice!

At the same time, there should be some planning in place. I personally call it ‘Sketch’ and it looks like a timeline of actions to me. I have goals I want to see achieved at the end of each month and I have projected actions that will lead me towards those goals. All written on my wall calendar, in my digital planner so I am fully committed to each project, case and goal.

As you go on this ‘Sketchy’ journey, things will change - this is where flexibility comes in place. When flexibility works in one team with creativity and innovation, you may be able to exceed your goal expectations and succeed further.

Photo by: Gary Parnell - credited via Instagram


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