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I have just finished working on one comprehensive strategy for an upcoming project that my Secret Media will be involved in.

The features I took into consideration while planning the strategy:

  • Be consistent across all the channels

  • Send the right message

  • Send it at the right time (suitable for your audience, not just you)

  • Make sure your campaign and content comes live at the same time or in the strategically chosen order

You got a product. Or maybe you got services. You know your goals - you have broken them down into short-medium-long term goals. Great!

Time to plan out your whole communication strategy.

Your customer can be on various digital media, receiving various content and exposed to a range of avenues of communication between them and a business or a brand. One customer can be more active on one channel and less active on another. Let’s take an example: a nail salon (sorry, guys, I promise my next example below will be related to cars:)).

As a client who falls into Gen Z, I am exposed to all sorts of social media including sub-channels (I.e. Facebook groups, IGTV, Watsapp groups, etc.), I will start my search with social media.

Yes, I will go to Google and search around - the Google will show me a lot of options with reviews. Great bonus. But I feel like community knows real Secrets so I will jump to a Facebook group and ask if someone can recommend me a place. Or I might ask about that salon that Google has just shown me.

Almost at the same time, while I am gathering FB’s pool of comments, I will jump on this salon’s Instagram - if it doesn’t have one, I will unlikely proceed with this choice even if the Google shows me positive reviews.

I want to visualise the real art work and technique of that salon, I want to see how they engage with their customers.

Same way last year I chose one place - the website was easy to navigate and book, nothing impressive though - simple wix style website, however, its Instagram and the way how its staff dealt with their clients spreading their positive vibes was definitely a huge selling point for me. It is also considering I lived in Manly and the salon is in Newtown - distance is nothing for me if I chase the quality.

This example demonstrates how your social media can be used as a great persuasive channel of communication. Website is the final stop shop - you are led there via marketing channels integrated together.

Digital channels to consider:

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • E-Marketing

  • Sub-Channels (groups, communities, pages)

  • Podcast

  • Radio

  • TV

There can be a lot more. Depending on your brand niche, your target audience and goals, you will always have a few channels that are dominant over others. Of course, the more channels can be integrated, the better, however, it will also be directed by your target audience and sub-groups of your target audience. Important rule: CONSISTENCY. If you launch campaign about new product offering, THIS MESSAGE should be spread around ALL THE CHANNELS at the RIGHT TIME for your AUDIENCE.


Use similar content scheme. It doesn’t have to be the same photo or piece of content all the time but they should be related. Say launching a new car product (here we go, guys:)), you shoot this product - you use photos from that shooting, videos from the same shooting and podcast referring to the same product you visualised on other channels. People are exposed to a lot of information - make it easier for them to understand your message.


If you talk about new car, you talk about new car. You do not mention something like “this time last year….” Unless this is all part of the same story (read CONSISTENCY again).


Be creative and innovative on how you present your MESSAGE. There are many channels that you might skip as it is ‘time-consuming’. In reality, It is really time consuming to gain new customers; it is less time investment to engage with new clients through CONSISTENT MESSAGING.

If you plan your content strategy, it is not that hard. When you send one MESSAGE, you just need to transform it onto different formats and it can be done if you planned ahead and prepared a strategy. Using strategic planning similar to what we offer at Secret Media, you can shoot all your content in half day: video, storytelling, podcast, photos, interview. Then you delegate your specialists to edit each piece following the plan/strategy.


It is important to use these two terms together. RIGHT TIME can be different for the same AUDIENCE. However, what it is important to extract from this note is - all your channels need to be updated at the same time leading to one closing deal Hub (Website) or straight to engaged with your lead turning them into your customer.

What I mean by different TIME is an opportunity for your AUDIENCE to access your MESSAGE.

Say, your client is a busy guy - he is aware about some noise around your brand as he scrolled in on social, or maybe received a direct email from you with the YouTube channel link to tell you some news. He might be a loyal customer of yours but he really doesn’t have time to engage with your content. How about you give him an option of listening about your news while he is driving his car listening to your podcast on Spotify?

Make it easier for your customers - they are already overwhelmed with messaging and noise. Give them options.


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