Feedback will save you a lot of $$$

I cannot express enough how feedback is important when you start your own business or launch a new business strategy.

We are in the world of referral marketing - we build our partnerships and connections before we build our client base.

Let your peers to have a look at your website - what do they say? Is it easy to read? Are your stories and sales packages clear enough?

It is the same with publications of content - you need to proof read it with someone else, ideally someone completely different than you so they can see a different angle of your content.

There are two types of feedback: ongoing and post production.

In this article I want mostly focus on ongoing one. Ongoing feedback is the one you receive from people within your industry.

For example, for me one of the most valuable type of feedback contributors is website designers and developers - they see many things in digital platforms that we are, digital strategists, can miss out.

I am passionate about content and creating strategies. I like to see overall scheme of actions and work towards the results. Sometimes I might miss a piece of a puzzle. People like web designers, other content producers can help me to find the missing puzzle.

Secret Media hasn’t been existing for too long, however, I have already taken a few actions towards re-branding of the business. The more you jump into the exciting journey of business and entrepreneurship, the more you understand branding concepts that you never thought of before being a salary wage digital marketer.

Digital marketing coaching and consultations are important as they give you an opportunity to fill the gaps in your digital assets, understand how your information is perceived by consumers and what user experience you provide to your potential clients even before they get to know you.

I provide free digital marketing coaching for all of my clients undertaking my services - I believe these sessions on digital marketing implementation will help my clients to succeed in a long term run.

Unfortunately, it is a human trigger - we are naturally afraid to hear bad news or get bad feedback. It is chasing us back from school where we needed to get a higher mark for an assessment. I think this is something damaged in the traditional assessment system at school: all those scales of good and bad marks must empower pupils to strive for better results while be proud of current achievements. If this system is not applied from the start, young people grew up with a fear to be judged and assessed. This is how this world gets talented but completely useless specialists that are not willing to grow for better results for their businesses due to a fear of assessment.

Feedback is a reward. Good feedback is blessing. Constructive feedback is a great tool to improve your business and grow your business. Remember: no-one has ever built anything unique being perfect.

I want to use a word ‘constructive’ moving forward, not bad feedback. If you get unpleasant feedback from your peer in a constructive manner - take it on board and see how you can make things better.

You may get bad feedback - it shouldn’t bother you. The only examples of bad feedback I know is the one coming from rude competitors that are trying to make you look bad in Google reviews or on Facebook. The best response is to respond politely and in a prompt manner, This is, though, a topic for another blog.

Bottom line with Ongoing feedback:

  • Ask your industry peers for a constructive feedback. Or take it with a huge desire when they offer it. Their piece of advice is priceless - you would end up paying to a business coach a big sum of money to fix things for you whereas peer feedback is free

  • From time to time review all your digital presence and branding - does everything look up to date and working? Is your communication channel well-established? Do not wait until someone gives you honest bad feedback - prevent it before.

  • Look at more business opportunities from each feedback apart from fixing immediate errors.

Just a quick touch based on post-production feedback. This comes from your happy clients. Stay in touch with them even when you have finished working with them. Check on them how they are going and progressing.

Ask them to write you a positive feedback for your website review and social media. Share among your network. People are attracted by positive stories and success. Having it as a motto: success of your clients is your own success!


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