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Updated: Mar 30

Communication is what needs to be upfront at any business you do and service you offer. You need to be clear with your message so your customers can picture the real value of what you offer and apply it to their own operation.

Communication is the key element. If you don’t communicate clear to your customers, someone else will.

Media is a form of communication, in some terms you will find that it IS communication.

We all used to traditional ways of doing it. Many well-established companies’s mistake is overuse of traditional media in the digital world we live in.

The whole idea of digital marketing and media is to get your message clear to you customers and potential customers using a range of various digital platforms. I would repeat that range and variety are important here. You customers are on different platforms but they are also cross them over. Either way you reach your audience and/or enhance your message.

The challenge of 2020 digital marketing is to go through all the noise created by other businesses, marketing companies and advertisers in order to reach YOUR customer.

This is not an easy job. When social media enabled access to everyone including non-marketers to access marketing tools (Google analytics, Instagram ads, ect.), people use it and overuse it too much without having a purpose - this is where the noise is coming from.

Therefore, I came up with a strategy of combining digital and personalised marketing slicing it nicely on a toast of applied market and customer research.

If you are a small business, you should consider more personalised way of communication. Your pool of customers allows you to deliver to them customised message and run personalised ads as well as expanding your audience via SEO and physical search on digital platforms - your website and your blog are your tools.

If you are a well-established business that has been operating for many years and has a good market expertise, you need to see at digital media as a great platform for engaging with your existing audience to maximise your revenue.

Embrace digital! It is very intuitive but with hidden tricks that make things more complicated than they look. It takes your business presence to the new level. If it is used right, it can expand your business, your customer base and area of operation.

Important to mention that all digital platforms you use need to create a certain media synergy for your business. The message must be consistent across all the platforms with a unique twist suitable for each platform. This is where we say that the content is king. Different content applies to different platform aiming to deliver the same message.


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