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Updated: Mar 30

Great year to register a business, isn’t it?

Starting with devastating bushfires followed by flooding and, cherry on the top - pandemic virus spreading globally.

This is not helping.

There is one important lesson I learnt from my parents, two passionate and successful entrepreneurs - “Act when it is the hardest time because many people don’t”.

I get their point now. In the moment when the most actions required, people are panicking. This is the time for confident actions and approach “Now or Never”. This is the time to stand up as a leader.

In reality I started my business journey a fair few years ago. I started as a model, then brand ambassador, actress, stage presenter. Stage is my everything. It is entire world that you create yourself. Forgetting about other things, you focus on building unique life that exists only when you blow life on stage.

I used the same approach to my business. Passion and life - this is what makes it valuable and will make it great in a long term run for my business and its customers.

Sooner or later my model life brought me to be a social media influencer. As you might know from my personal blog on , I am hungry for knowledge - as soon as I discover something new, I want to know more about it. Same happened with social media. I wanted to get to know their algorithms and way of artificial intelligence thinking on each platform. I made it.

Meeting new people and sharing my knowledge - these made me think that I could do this. It was not a reflection in a mirror, it was reality. One day having a conversation on one of the numerous events and appearances I do as a model and ambassador, I was asked to show my website and send a price list for my digital media services. I was not ready for it. It was just a bit more than a year ago.

Before that I set up a lot of social and digital media accounts, I explained people their algorithms that worked in their favour. I did lots and lots digital and ads promotions, now realising that I was helping someone to run their businesses better.

That question made me think “Why not to bring my passion into my own project and business idea”?

I worked on it for a year or so. I am impatient person but for the sake of quality of my business and its services, I decided not to rush into opening my business just yet. I wanted to fill all the practical gaps in delivering best services’ outcomes. I always say and will continue to say that a reputation of my clients is my own reputation so I will excel in representing them on digital platforms as I do it for myself or my business.

I spent that year on building a foundation for that quality and reputation and exploring different service range. These days I can not only offer social media management but also content creation, website development, branding, blogging, content writing and complete overall imaging. Fancy and attractive words so many people think that it is easy to do. In fact, there is a lot of hard work and expertise behind each project.

Point of difference - yes, we are in the competitive world and we have to stand out. Competition takes a lot of time that I am not able to afford - I need this time to build quality for my clients so I decided to build my own Blue Ocean. My aim is to be disruptive - you won’t find a better price range for the quality and work spectrum somewhere else in Sydney or Melbourne my business can do.

Anyway, this is just start of the blog. There is more to come. Meanwhile, feel free to contact me any time; let’s catch up for a coffee; exchange tags on Insta and get to know each other - I would like to know any way I can help with your business or project.


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